8 Strategies I Used To Heal My Leaky Gut Naturally

Apr 04, 2021

Why I know about Leaky Gut!

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease back in 2000 and put on steroids for 18

years for a disease I didn't even have. Even though I was on medication, I continued

to be sick, exhausted, and in pain, all of the time and I was tired of being sick and I

wanted answers.

While I was doing my own research over a period of 3-4 years trying to find an answer

to what was wrong with me, I stumbled upon information on Leaky Gut and quickly 

realized I had pretty much all of the symptoms!

When I went to a few different doctors, they knew very little about it and didn’t

believe it was a “real” problem! But I knew it was for me! It was the only thing I came

across that actually made scientific sense!


Steps I took to heal Leaky Gut

There were some essential steps I took, that literally changed my life and I was able to

heal my gut naturally. 

Numerous people have come to me for guidance and asked me over the years, “ How

did you do it?” and I’ve been able to guide them through the same steps that  I used. 


Here are the steps:


1 -- Educate yourself

So the first thing I did was learn more about what it was and what causes it so that I

could understand where I got it and how I could reverse the condition. 

Leaky gut is a digestive condition where particles from your digestive system, toxins,

antigens and bacteria ARE leaking through the intestinal wall and into your

bloodstream, causing this leaky gut syndrome.

To watch my video on What Is Leaky Gut? Click here 


2 -- Find out the cause of your Leaky Gut

There are many things that can cause Leaky Gut and it can also be from a

combination of things.

Some triggers/causes are: 

-a poor diet 

-food allergies

-too much-refined sugar

- GMOs

-Refined oils

-Too much-processed food

-Dairy products

-Chronic stress

-Toxins, chemicals, or pesticides

-chlorinated tap water (affects gut flora) 

-antibiotics/prescriptions, aspirin, or NSAIDs 


-bacterial imbalances(dysbiosis) in your gut.

Your family doctor will not test you for Leaky Gut, there is no test for it specifically

through them! Only Practitioners or Doctors in the Natural Medicine fields are able

and trained to get specific tests done that you will need.


3 -- Get a Food Allergy Test!

Regular tests you get at the doctor will not show all of your immune reactions! They

generally only test you for IgG and that’s only 1 immune reaction. You need to be

tested for all 7 immune responses. Only Elisa testing will test all 7.

80% of my problem was food allergies!! I was diagnosed with Addison's Disease- an

autoimmune disease I didn't in fact have!! I was put on steroids for 18 yrs …

So if you have food allergies or allergies to something, find out what you're allergic to

and stay away from it, or if you have gluten issues -avoid it.  

If you can't afford food allergy tests you can do an elimination diet but it's more

effective to get the testing done so you are not stuck guessing and continue eating

foods that are making you sick!



If it makes you feel sick or gives you any symptoms at all, write it down in a food

journal and stay away from it even if it's ”healthy”.

A lot of times we continue to eat foods because we think if it’s supposed to be good

for us, then it is healthy for us and we will continue to eat it even though it makes us

sick or gives us symptoms.

Even if it’s a banana or a blueberry- or ginger, or an avocado AVOID it and record it!


5 --Detox

Your body will have trouble repairing itself if there are still toxins, Or underlying

issues that aren’t dealt with.

Make sure you do your research first so that you know how to detox safely, always

consult with your doctor to make sure it’s safe for your situation.

I have a video on the detox if you want to learn more about that.

Click here


6 -- Digestive Enzymes 

You need to eat a good digestive enzyme before or with every meal. If you have a

Leaky Gut, you are most likely not going to be able to digest foods because you most

likely have vitamin deficiencies as well. 

A digestive enzyme will help to break down your food so you will get more nutrients

out of your food.


7 -- Eat Healing Foods

You have to eat healing foods that are easy to digest and will nourish your body. You

want to get as many nutrients as you can to help the healing process.

This was the biggest thing for me that helped to repair my gut!


Foods that I ate most of :

-Bone broth and homemade healing soups (repairs intestinal lining and helps to

encourage good bacterial growth.)

-healthy smoothies packed with nutrients


Stay Away From

-stay away from fast food processed food, other people's food because you don’t

know what’s in it!


A few last tips

-Eat real food!!

- Avoid eating anything in a package. 

-Always read ingredients so you know what’s in your food.


8 -- Probiotics

People with Leaky Gut have been shown to have an unbalanced microbiome.(Your

gut bacteria) will affect your digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Adding probiotics into your daily supplement routine will help to balance your gut

flora and improve your digestion.

Real Bone Broth made from real organic chicken, cooked for a minimum of 24 hrs.

has been shown to support and repair tissue and contribute to restoring balance in

the gut.

Pure Ancient Nutrition Bone broth protein powder is what I used in all of my soups to

help heal my Leaky Gut!

Click here to order!

All of these steps are what I did to heal my Leaky Gut naturally. It’s not easy when you

are trying to figure out what’s wrong with you alone.

Often this problem is not acknowledged as a real health problem, (at least it wasn’t

for me) but if you get to the root of the problem, recognizing and repairing a leaky gut

will change the quality of your life.



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